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Property Managers and Owners

Why choose HögforsGST as a system supplier?

Whether you are planning for a large-scale energy renovation or upgrading a single district heating substation to a new one, we can help you. Years of experience in heat transfer technologies combined with an innovative and service-oriented approach is the secret of our market leadership. Quality is everything to us.

We value service. Our experienced sales staff will assist your housing company to choose the best solution to suit your needs. We will gladly come over and tell more about our solutions.

The whole system from one manufacturer. All the way from the boiler room to the data cloud. We provide the whole system and guarantee that it works as promised.

One system vendor, one responsibility. As the whole system is manufactured and delivered by us, we also make sure that it is working properly and efficiently. Should a problem occur, our support team is here to assist you. A housing company’s or property manager’s life is much easier, when you can trust your system vendor.

Reliable calculations to facilitate investment decisions. Every contract starts by collecting reliable and measured data of the property. The data is then used to calculate precise consumption and savings estimate for the whole lifespan of the solution. Investment decision is easier to make when it is based on precise calculations instead of assumptions.

Finnish Cleantech expertise. All of our products and solutions are designed and manufactured in Finland by top professionals. Our harsh northern climate presents a tremendous challenge for heating systems, but we see it as our advantage. If our solutions excel in Finland, they excel anywhere.

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