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Property managers and owners

Are you a property manager or an owner who has an energy renovation ahead you? Let’s look at your options. More than likely you’re weighing options between geothermal heating and district heating to present to or review with the property owner. Did you know hybrid heating is also a solution? Luckily for property managers and owners, we have gathered information and links on the different heating solutions into one place so you are able to present wiser and more informed heating solution choices to the owner. This hub has basic info and links to in-depth materials about 

  • hybrid heating 
  • district heating 
  • our products 
  • our services 

We’ve also gathered our blogs and references related to your job in this section as well. Feel free to browse the materials. We’re here to help you in any way you need! 

Our services for property managers and owners

You’re probably looking for an energy solution to present to other property owners, who likely themselves don’t know about what’s the latest in energy technology solutions and options. Our mission is to help you gather an up-to-date, informed, and wise selection of choices to present. Also, we’d be happy to demonstrate why hybrid heating in particular is a wise choice for your property in terms of investment and value.  

Energy solutions

Hybrid heating

You might have found your way here to know more about hybrid heating. In a nutshell, hybrid heating is a wise and modern property heating solution. It can be installed in various types of properties, and it is a great solution for housing companies looking for a smart, future-proof energy solution. What’s unique about hybrid heating is that the system can utilize several different heat sources and optimize their use according to e.g. cost of electricity.

District heating

We have decades of experience working in the district heating industry. We have designed and manufactured thousands of district heating substations to cater to the heating needs of large and small buildings around the world. Whether you’re looking for a reliable baseline option for your substation needs, or a more advanced model with smart features, we’ve got you covered!

District cooling

District cooling is an emerging energy solution that distributes cooling energy and collects excessive heat created by buildings. This energy is transferred into cool air for interiors through the municipal district cooling network. It is a more environmentally friendly and wiser solution for cooling building interiors compared to building-specific cooling systems. 

Control systems

Our proprietary Fiksu Control System is at the wise core of our fourth-generation district heating solutions. With Fiksu Control System you are able to monitor and control your whole building’s heating system. The data from connected sensors includes e.g. indoor temperature and humidity data, enabling you to save in heating costs and achieve a consistent indoor climate. 

HögforsGST’s service offering

To make “Energy used wisely” a reality, we offer a comprehensive range of services for HVAC designers, contractors, property managers, and energy industry companies to help them make wiser decisions regarding energy. We also design and produce our own equipment for district heating and hybrid heating here in Leppävirta,Finland, to ensure the equipment we provide meet the standards we set for our solutions. 

For property managers and owners, we aim to inform you about e.g. the possibilities of hybrid heating in order for you to be able to make wiser choices for your property in terms of investment and value.  

Case Studies and References