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Services for the energy industry

We at HögforsGST have a long experience of working with companies in the energy industry. We are investing heavily in product development and in recent years have presented several fourth-generation district heating (4GDH) solutions.

HybridHEAT, the intelligent FiksuGST substation and Fiksu Control System are state-of-the-art technology in district heating and cooling. The main advantage of our systems is that the benefits they provide extend through the entire district heating production and distribution chain, all the way from the consumer to the power plant.

Växjö Energi pictured from ground up

What can HögforsGST offer to energy companies?

Data: Fiksu Control System, which controls the entire heating system, gathers valuable information on the operation of the individual heating systems. All this data is stored and can be used to optimize energy companies’ heat production and distribution. Modern knowledge management is now possible, thanks to Fiksu.

Efficiency: Our patented fourth-generation solutions significantly improve district heating network’s efficiency and Delta T. The temperature of the supply water can also be lowered as the end user utilizes the capacity of the network better. Better Delta T and lower temperature levels in the network allow more efficient utilization of industrial heat pumps and flue gas scrubbers.

Competitiveness: High-quality equipment, coupled with a comprehensive control system and the data it produces, allow efficient use of the entire system. Consumers save energy and money as the power plant receives valuable and accurate data at the same time. This makes 4GDH more competitive than its predecessors.

Climate-friendliness: Lower temperatures in the district heating network allow for a more efficient utilization of low-value waste heat and new energy sources. Flexible hybrid heating systems also allow housing companies to add renewable energy sources to the properties’ heating systems.

Mid-Cooling Connection

HögforsGST has developed a new 3-step Mid-Cooling Connection for district heating substations, which differs from other commonly used connections. The 3-step connection improves the Delta T, which means that the new substation is significantly more energy efficient than existing district heating equipment. The MCC can lower district heating return temperatures by up to 15 degrees.

Case Studies and References